This is How the New Allsops Thika Road Flyover Will Look Upon Completion

This is How the New Allsops Thika Road Flyover Will Look Upon Completion

For a few months now, construction has been on high gear at the Allsops section of Thika Superhighway.

Motorists have been amazed by the fast pace of progress, compared to the seemingly stalled footbridges on the same road that have taken ages to complete.

While many know that the new flyover is meant to ease connection to the recently completed Outering road, very few can actually picture how the final product will look.

Since Outering road was completed, connecting Eastlands to Thika road, traffic snarl-ups have become a common thing at the intersection. Engineers went back to the drawing board to see how this problem can be solved, and their solution has been to further separate outbound Outering traffic from the inbound one.

Currently, the GSU round-about bridge serves both purposes, but from new visuals of the future road, it appears as though that will change.

Traffic from Nairobi intending to join Outering road will now use the new bridge under construction. They will then keep left and take the clear service lane to Outering.

If their intention was to turn back to Nairobi, they will instead take a new service lane that has been built and excavated.

There is also a new separate service lane for those driving from Thika side, but intend to turn back using the old GSU bridge.

From the pictures available, it appears there is also provision for a bus park.

This is how the final structure will look.


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