This Plant Can Help Stop Your Partner’s Snoring

This Plant Can Help Stop Your Partner’s Snoring

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If you’re one of the people who suffer from sleepless nights due to your partner’s snoring, you may have the perfect solution.

According to research by NASA scientists, sleeping beside the humble pineapple plant can help keep noisy sleepers quiet, as they produce oxygen and improve air quality.

Like most plants, pineapple plants need carbon dioxide to grow, but they have no use at all for oxygen, which is created as a waste product of plant growth.

So they store to use any carbon dioxide they breathe in, removing it from the air, and release pure, filtered oxygen back into the room for us to breathe.

The humble pineapple plant 

Often, specialised plant species will also filter out other nasties, gasses and toxins which are useful to them but harmful to us.

The plants are grown in Holland and take between 21 and 24 months to grow.

They develop the miniature inedible fruit on top, which grows every two years.

And through the simplicity of improving air quality with oxygen, it could help the 45 percent of Brits that snore get a better night’s rest – and their partners too.

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