Top 7 Trendy Restaurants in Nairobi

Top 7 Trendy Restaurants in Nairobi

When it comes to finding the perfect restaurant where to wine and dine, it’s equally become important in 2019 that it not only has exceptional food and drinks but also a vibrant and lively atmosphere/ design/ decor that captures your attention from the very minute you walk into the outlet. Today, many restaurant owners are finally getting the drift that a good interior design/ outlook can do as much for a restaurant as good food, drinks and service can. Patrons want to wine and dine with a lovely decor all around them. Look around, as much as you will find patrons taking pictures of the food, you will also find an equal amount of pictures taken, focusing on the surrounding.

Now with the advent of Instagram (social media in general) that is ever present in our daily lives 24/7, where we see dreamy spaces all the time, it’s important to create a curated space that will make a lasting impression when a patron visits your establishment. The benefits of Instagram for restaurants has not only impacted food presentation but restaurant design too. From layout to lighting to colors to seating; they all influence your clients’ mood and experience. Social media Influencers are always on the look out for venues to shoot their content and restaurants have really come in handy. You will see patrons clicking away (camera) at various locations of the restaurant.

These Nairobi trendy restaurants are on a mission to stand out from the crowd and provide Instagram worthy ambiance and décor for their patrons. You can feast your eyes on their lovely interiors and snap away on the gram.

They have something unique about them/ surrounding that captures your attention.  The details left us in awe; very unique and you can tell some very thorough thought process went into their designs. These restaurants are currently very popular on social media.


Here are 7 Nairobi Restaurants that are stylish, and we absolutely fell in love with the décor (that was our mission- the interior, design and decor).

Honey and Dough, One Africa Place

The restaurant provides a modern café experience with interior décor meant to reflect the whole healthy eating concept, something the Turkish interior designer behind it, wanted to bring out.

Honey & Dough provides a modern café experience with delicious healthy food. A Modern, Healthy, Gourmet experience. Café style food.


Soi- dusitD2 Nairobi

SOI Restaurant is where contemporary meets with hints of Asian inspiration, indulgent textures and high-end spaces. The interior evokes an image of serenity and tranquil calm, giving you a sense of privacy without boundaries.


SOI meaning STREET in Thai, celebrates a twist on pan-Asian cuisine, featuring modern cooking techniques from Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Japan, China and Malaysia, guaranteeing authentic tastes and though-provoking sensation.



Nyama Mama, Capital Centre

The Nyama mama Capital center branch is an African themed highway diner that takes its interior décor inspirations from African pieces such as Ankara material and tribal patterns bringing to life a colorful, modern and African interior design experience.

Nyama Mama is an unpretentious, fun, modern day African roadside diner. Locally inspired, some of our skilfully concocted dishes include Chapatti wraps to Mama’s stews and flavourful sides.


Harvest Restaurant, Trademark Hotel

The interior exudes an unmistakably warm and welcoming atmosphere and is designed to wow and suck you in with its beauty and warm colors.

Harvest is a tribute to local farmers, crisp flavours and fresh organic ingredients. Creations by Executive Chef Luca Pintus and his team.


INTI – A Nikkei Experience, One Africa Place

The INTI design celebrates the marriage of Japanese & Peruvian fare in a unique contemporary urban style. It features a mural that explains how the Nikkei cuisine came to life.


Utamu Restaurant, ibis Styles Hotel

This restaurant takes you on a musical city full of night life with its design. It has been carefully integrated with the big five pieces of curio to further paint a picture of the uniqueness of the city…the only city with a national park within its environs.

The musical instruments hanging from the restaurant ceiling goes further to showcase our cultural music instruments that are used by the team members to play surprise musicals when guests are celebrating different anniversaries- birthdays, proposals, weddings etc.



The live-inn Restaurant, Park Inn by Radisson

The live-inn restaurant at Park Inn by Radisson Westlands is a modern, contemporary restaurant with a blend of color and contemporary interior and natural lighting all around. Its eclectic and cozy.


The live-inn Restaurant concept is based on carefully chosen ingredients, for a modern international and Kenyan cuisine with its neighboring influences.


Next time you are at any of these outlets, ‘snap away’- lights, camera, action. You truly are spoilt for choice for your perfect shots this season.


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