Top Social Media Influencers In Kenya

Top Social Media Influencers In Kenya

As you already know being an influencer can be a profitable business.

Though most people don’t really understand how influencers make money and some don’t respect it as a job. However, many people are making money from social media, because of their audience, their content and who they are. The top influencers in Kenya are already people in the entertainment industry and are people that their opinions and content are naturally valued. Here are the top influencers on different social media platforms.

Top 5 on Facebook

  1. Akothee
  2. Betty Kyallo

  3. Mike Sonko

  4. Churchill

  5. Carol Radull

The Facebook audience is quite similar to the one on Instagram. They both seem to love entertaining celebrities and people who have flashy lives which is basically like a reality tv in action 24/7.

Top 5 on Instagram

  1. Akothee

Akothee the boss lady is well known for her humor and her very blunt content. Her following is large as many women follow her because of her controversial lifestyle and comments.

  1. Njugush

Njugush and his family is well liked because of his comical nature and humorous content. His content is well thought out and easy to relate to. I mean who doesn’t like this guy?

  1. Betty Kyallo

The popular news anchor has interesting content on K24, though we are not sure why she’s famous on IG but clearly people value her content.

4 .Huddahh Monroe

Pretty women happen to get a big following on social media and Huddahh falls in this category. She has her own businesses that are thriving but is there a real reason to follow her? Well, clearly she has influence.

  1. Churchill

Churchill is known for his comedy and his hilarious nature. He doesn’t post much of his own content but promotes many comedians on his page.

Top 5 on Twitter

  1. Robert Alai

It seems people on Twitter are a bit more serious and prefer content that is political and forward thinking which Rober Alai does.

  1. Donald Kipkorir
  • William Ruto

  • Ahmednassir Mohamed

  • Larry Madowo

  • If you notice the trend, people on twitter love political debates and being informed on National affairs hence why the above people have a great following.

    Top 5 on YouTube

    1. Churchill
  • Willy Paul

  • The Real Househelps of Kawangware (TRHK)

  • Bahati

  • Otile Brown

  • YouTube happens to be for entertainment more than anything else. Kenyans are more likely to watch comical shows and listen to music giving the people above enough influence.



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