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Trouble is brewing at Kenya Rural Roads Authority after Engineer Kandie from Baringo Central, was moved to be in charge.
Kandie was based at Kenya Urban Roads Authority National Highways Authority and was deputy to James Gatitu, director of Road Assets at Kenha. Kandie whose appointment is linked to Baringo senator Gideon Moi was in charge of Fuel Levy Funded performance-based contract. Weekly Citizen has information that of great concern is that Kandie was not among those shortlisted. Others say he did not even apply. Those who applied but were frontrunners are said to have been insiders within Kerra. However upon discovery they were linked to major scandals and are under various state agencies investigations, they were not allowed to occupy the Director-General plum slot at Kerra. Engineer Peter Gichohi of ID 10882160, Engineer George Chiaji of ID 10809225 and Engineer Jackson Kurubiu of ID 103385 were eyeing the Kerra DG slot but tainted past worked against them owing to secret reports filed by state security teams that negatively impacted on them. Gichohi’s name was linked to the Sh1.2 billion collapsed Budalangi Bridge in Busia county. Gichohi’s relationship with females practicing internship at the parastatal he is currently based in was also under review. His massive wealth and investments in real estate surfaced. Margaret Muthui in charge of procurement and the queen of Kerra relationship with Gichohi also emerged. In fact, many at Kerra had expected then acting DG Lucas Kimeli to be confirmed after applying but his relationship with deputy president William Ruto cost him. A Mr. Masafu, director of finance who has been at war with Margaret Muthui preferring to work with deputy procurement officer a Mr. Ayoti is among senior managers at the state parastatal.
Magondu’s troubles were that he owns massive apartments located on five acres of land. The procurement queen has property in Ruaka with Gichohi estate traced in the Thibigua area, Kiambu county. Kemeli while acting was rooting out tribalism and corruption at Kerra putting him at loggerheads with Kerra cartel. Weekly Citizen has information top managers at Kerra have been profiled and it is just a matter of time before security agencies strike.


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