Two PSs plot for Kwale governor seat – Weekly Citizen

Two PSs plot for Kwale governor seat – Weekly Citizen

Two principal secretaries are reported to be silently plotting for Kwale county governor’s seat ahead of the 2022 general election.

Safina Kwekwe

Reports indicate that the principal secretary for Public Service and Gender Affairs Safina Kwekwe and her Research and Crops Development counterpart Hamadi Boga are working behind the scenes for a joint ticket to succeed Governor Salim Mvurya. Boga who is from the Digo community will be the governor candidate while
Kwekwe who hails from the Duruma community, is to be his running mate, sources said. Mvurya who is on his
second and final term is on the other hand campaigning for his deputy Fatuma Achani, to succeed him in 2022. But while Boga and Kwekwe are high profile individuals well known nationally, they are said to have no substantial
following on the ground.

Hamadi Boga

Additionally, their ticket was unlikely to be attractive to the Duruma who want to retain the governorship. The incumbent Mvurya is from the community. Mvurya is already having problems with his community for suggesting that the governor seat should now go to a different community. He is pushing this narrative to benefit his deputy Achani who hails from the minority Wakifundi who, however, are assimilated to the Digos. Mvurya has been told by his community to finish his term and leave them to make their own choice. Observers say that if the Duruma rebellion holds, Mvurya’s preferred successor stands no chance.

Salim Mvurya

To make matters worse for the governor is the candidature of Lung’azi Chai, a Kenya Ports Authority engineer. The candidature of Lung’azi will also dwarf Kwekwe who hails from Kinango since the residents are pushing for a governor seat and not a deputy. Boga on the other hand will split Digo votes with former minister Chirau Mwakwere, Lunga Lunga MP Khatib Mwashetani among other contenders from the community. Mwakwere who is the Wiper party chairman was likely to contest the governor seat on the Wiper ticket. If Mwakwere manages to convince Kamba voters to rally behind him, then he will give his competitors a run for their money.

Fatuma Achani

In the last elections, the former Matuga MP contested on the Wiper ticket but Kamba voters rebelled against him after he chose his running mate from another community. But what is giving Mvurya a serious headache in his succession plans is the rebellion against his preferred successor even among Digos. Critics of Achani claim she is divisive as opposed to being a unifying factor in the county politics. She is also at loggerheads with most of the current elected leaders. In her lineup for 2022, are the current serving CEC members most of whom are being dismissed as political greenhorns.


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