Uhuru Fires Kenya Ferry Services Bosses Following Likoni Tragedy

Uhuru Fires Kenya Ferry Services Bosses Following Likoni Tragedy

After the horrific death of a mother and a daughter an incident that was caught on camera, many blamed the KFS for gross misconduct and negligence on the avoidable deaths.

Many have argued that the deaths could have been prevented were it that the authorities had put safety measures to prevent the car from slipping into the waters.

Fact that KFS didn’t have a rescue team on standby and didn’t bother to install safety measures before the tragedy and even after, made everything worse.

While many had called for someone at the top to talk responsibility as this was pure incompetence, it was unexpected of what the president has done following the history of our country.

Kenya Ferry Services entire Board including In a gazette notice, Chairman Dan Mwazo shown the door after Likoni tragedy, President Kenyatta announced.

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