Weekly Citizen Apologizes To Businessman Jayesh Saini On Misleading Story. – Weekly Citizen

The Weekly Citizen newspaper has come out and apologized to Nairobi businessman Jayesh Saini over what it called a misunderstanding concerning an article it released on  2nd May 2020.

The article in question suggested that the businessman Mr.Jayesh Saini had been accused by an Asian man for breaking his family.

We have established that this isn’t true and we had been misled on this subject.

This was an error on our side and we would like to apologize to Jayesh Saini, his family, business partners and the general public over the anxiety the story might have caused.

We have established that Mr. Jayesh is a respectable businessman and philanthropist who has been under malicious attacks in the recent past and the malicious actors might have baited us too.

The Weekly Citizen will keep maintaining top-notch  editorial policies and keep reporting the alternative truth.


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