Wheelerdealers grab Rongo trust lands – Weekly Citizen

Corrupt individuals colluded to grab public land in Rongo town whilst putting up commercial buildings and selling some of the plots to unsuspecting buyers after coughing out millions of shillings to speedily process title deeds to own the grabbed plots.

As a result, local residents have appealed to Lands cabinet secretary Faridah Karoney to intervene and address the issue and take the necessary measures.

The locals have raised complaints over the conduct of those involved as the corrupt elements in society used huge sums of money to bribe those at lands department to have title deeds processed in their names and later transfer the plots to unsuspecting buyers and others in the names of relatives.

Attempts to repossess grabbed land is a futility as grabbers rush to bribe officials at the land department to seal off information and intimidate those pushing for cancellation of title deeds issued in the names of the corrupt individuals.

Some plots were demarcated for public projects and to date; nothing has been going on to address the problem and offer a solution to community’s priorities.

Grabbers are bragging of connections they enjoy in certain rotten government institutions that have been assisting them in hoodwinking the public and creating fear to block prominent people in the area not to pursue revocation of title of all grabbed plots.

Fear is rife that those questioning the procedure followed to register public utility land in names of individuals have been threatened.

The land department officials ought to explain why the procedure was ignored while issuing title deeds in names of individual yet the record as per colonial map shows that trust land belong to the public and commercial buildings that have been constructed on such land be pulled down to allow expansion of priority projects which the land were demarcated for.

The grabbers are mostly spotted hosting officials of the lands department in their home and expensive hotels not to reveal the truth.

Investigating agencies should move in with speedy to establish the truth over acquisition of title deeds of the public land in Rongo town and its suburbs like other towns Migori, Awendo and Kuria which should be rolled up in the investigations and have corrupt land officials compelled to explain why they allowed processing and issuance of title deeds of lands known to be for public utility use.

Other trading centers in Migori County should also not be spared to contain the grabbing culture and ensure culprits are arraigned in courts.


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