Why Citizen TV show host had to press pause on his popular gospel show [video]

Why Citizen TV show host had to press pause on his popular gospel show [video]

Citizen TV show host, Andy Mburu announced his exit to masses during his last show, on Sunday, the 22nd of September 2019.

The popular Rauka show host revealed he will be leaving to pursue further studies in the filed of Theology but in London.

Taking a break from the screen would be vital for him to concentrate on his upcoming theological studies.

The former Rauka show host with a guest during one of his Sunday shows

The good news though is, he will be away for only 6 months before he returns and possibly continue from where he left.

Additionally disclosing that he had informed his family prior to, since he is set to be away from home for the 6 months.

He shared:

I am asking for prayers from everyone who is a fan of Rauka. God is pulling me into a bit of a break because starting this coming week I will travel to London for studies. It is a programme that I have been interested in taking and it runs in an institution called Oxford Center for Christian Apologetics and it is an institution that I will be volunteering with and is run by a ministry called Ravi Zachariah’s Ministries. The reason why I hav decided to take this break, is that the study focuses on answering the questions of this generation regarding faith which is what apologetic is all about. I believe I will be more effective in serving when I come back on the platform. My intention is to come back and I’m rejoining the team in six months.

Last Sunday marks his 2 and a half years hosting the gospel show.


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