Why Jubilee is losing foothold in Mombasa – Weekly Citizen

Why Jubilee is losing foothold in Mombasa – Weekly Citizen

Jubilee party is in shambles in the port city of Mombasa with supporters disgruntled over the manner in which the top leadership treated its campaigners after the last general elections.
There is a general feeling within Jubilee fraternity at the Coast that party campaigners were not recognised as expected and instead opponents who fought tooth and nail to stop Uhuru Kenyatta’s re-election are the ones calling the shots through handshake.
“Jubilee supporters fought in a hostile environment to give Uhuru votes but are dismayed by the casual manner in which the president has treated their support. We expected that with the government we supported in power, our issues like appointments and award of businesses would be automatic. But see how we have been relegated to the periphery and opponents elevated”, Omar Kalama lamented.
After his re-election, Uhuru said he was not interested in party politics. He thereafter joined hands with ODM leader Raila Odinga under the handshake arrangement, sinking any hope of Jubilee party supporters being favoured in employment and other government opportunities.


“In Mombasa, the president has never even bothered to find out if those who vigorously campaigned for him with their resources and time amid threats and intimidation from ODM are able to put food on the table. In other words, it is as if it is only Najib Balala who campaigned for him yet we all know that the CS played a very minimal role for the over 100,000 votes he got,” said political activist Abdul Karim.
It is against these state of affairs that political pundits say Deputy President William Ruto has huge chances of making serious political inroads in the port city of Mombasa if he plays his cards well since Uhuru supporters in the area are politically orphaned.
To compound matters, Jubilee party coordinator Farid Swaleh who went out of his way to donate his buses and spent millions of shillings mobilising support for Uhuru re-election campaigns at the Coast is ailing from depression and has been admitted in hospital abroad for several months.


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