Why Kisumu public board is on its knees – Weekly Citizen

Why Kisumu public board is on its knees – Weekly Citizen

Kisumu county public service board is dead as a dodo and a place where claims of deep rooted rot, corruption and undertable dealings immediately after its late inauguration by the government of the current governor Anyang Nyong’o are rife.
The board has come under intense fire as it has done little in terms of employing competent people.
Currently, the limping board is under more fire after word went round in the lakeside city that 40pc shortlisted for October 14 are politically rewarded while 20pc are slay queens enjoying their hot pant advantages from their lovers in the system.
The seven member board led by Babu Karan has been accused of incompetence, ineptitude and corrupt tendencies to the core because of the nature it conducts its business.
Apart from launching ambitious two years strategic plan, there is nothing tangible that the board can boast of that the public can count on.


To start with, the chairman is said to have been the fulcrum of money minting racket among other directors in Muhoroni where they milked all taps dry. When he was a teacher, he is reported to have been jailed for years after facing corruption charges and members of public are wondering how he catapulted his way to the top post with all telltales of character with criminal record and lack of certificate of good conduct.
The second person in this unholy grouping is none other than Hesbon Hongo, the secretary of the board whose contract expired in November last year but was extended to August 2023 after he wrote own letter and took it to Anyang Nyong’o sign it.
Residents of Kisumu and its environs have been constantly asking how the board conducts its businesses especially when it comes to recruitment of workers to the county government.

Charles Babu Karan

Job advertisements the board made in newspapers for various positions in the county in the various departments are questionable. Shortlisting process took a solid two months and what is worrying interested members of the public who applied for the various positions is the time taken and the way the shortlisting process was eventually conducted and carried out.
Members of the public say a cite ineptude coupled with suspected cases of corruption where the board’s chairman and a section of his team allegedly demanded for bribes before shortlisting the candidates for the interviews for the various job opportunities.
Rumours have it that there are various dates of interviews and for the candidates who were shortlisted, it remains different yet interviews kick off on November 14. The board reportedly became reluctant to carry out the exercise of the final shortlisting for the successful candidates to be appointed for the various positions at the county government of Kisumu.
According to sources within the county, after it was alleged that applicants parted with money for bribing the board chairman who has been collecting hundreds of thousands of shillings through her lover who has secretly given appointments to those with fat wallet.
The director of policies and strategy and his counterpart who did not apply have reported for work on various dates after they were secretly given appointment letters by board ahead of interview.
“The way this public service board conducts its business is very wanting because they are doing things while hiding cards under the table,” a resident of the county said.
The manner in which skewed appointments has been conducted by the board has also reportedly infuriated a section of members of the executive committee at the county government who have openly protested at the manner the board has been employing people without consulting them on the appointments.
One case at hand is that of one chief officer who was heard lamenting that the manner in which new employees report to work is cloudy, adding that some people who did not even apply for the jobs have been shortlisted while others are already in the office allegedly given appointment letters by the board in a questionable manner.
Journalists went to the board’s chairman offices to ask about the issue because the public was complaining about the serious delays informing shortlisted candidates so as to prepare for the interviews but the chairman Babu Karan was quick to say that they are still waiting for the governor’s last word on the ongoing processes.
The issue of skewed appointments, nepotism and employing members from a particular clan from the county where 11 women have been shortlisted and 20 chief officers’ posts that were advertised. The gender imbalance was raised by a section of the residents who had challenged the board to table a list of all those people they have shortlisted since.
The board was not able to produce the lists even after a member of public wrote a letter on behalf of the residents on the issue of shortlisting and appointment of those already in the offices before interviews are conducted.
The residents had also accused the board of rampant corruption while recruiting and employing those who have parted with money and loose panted slay queens whose academic backgrounds remain shrouded in secrecy.
The residents have now urged Governor Nyong’o to immediately swing into action and revoke the already shortlisted candidates, saying it is full of politically rewarded faces.


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