Why You Need to Replace Your Iphone, Windows Phone Now

Why You Need to Replace Your Iphone, Windows Phone Now

If you are one
of those people who cling to their possessions for whatever reason, holding on
to some of these phones will only end up in a heartbreak.

For those who
do not like using Android or iOS-run phones, it is a terrible blow that Microsoft
has stopped updates to the flagship Windows phones models.

And to make
it even that much more noteworthy, WhatsApp will not be available on Windows
phones operating systems older than version 8.1.

Out of stock

For those not
in the know, some of these phones may still be in stock in Kenya and so it is
good to keep an eye out so you do not end being duped.

It is good to
be cautious if you need to purchase a phone.

Windows phones are out of stock at Microsoft’s online store, signalling the end of these gadgets. Despite being valued by many who preferred not to use android or iOS phones, Windows phones are gone. For good.

Most Windows
phones users preferred using them gadgets because they did not come with incessant
updates demands like android based phones.

Already, some
of the affected Windows phones have frozen some apps like Facebook, Twitter and

These apps have
stopped functioning and even restarting the phones will not reactivate them.
Trying to reinstall the apps gives the user an error message meaning that they
are no longer compatible.

With Facebook having already frozen on these Windows phones, WhatsApp which is also owned by the social media giant will freeze at some point. It’s just a matter of time.

Lumia smartphones discontinued

Microsoft had
acquired rights to produce Nokia phones under the Lumia flagship.

But with the
agreement period lapsed, the smartphones will no longer be coming out of
Microsoft. The company has already ceased production of the phones which were
being sold under the Microsoft brand.

Among the
things that made Windows phones endearing were the live tiles where a user
could have different apps on the phone without having to swipe the screen.

This ease of
access and flexibility meant that the users could customise their phones
without having to be stuck with factory settings which most other phones have.

The user experience kept Windows phones users loyal but now they have to wait for their Windows phone’s slow deaths.

No more WhatsApp

Unless you do
not mind getting disconnected, the time for a replacement of these phones is now.
WhatsApp has made it easier for people to communicate without having to acquire
new sim cards regardless of the country they are in.

With that, WhatsApp
was not be available on Nokia S40 after December 31, 2018. Android versions
2.3.7 and older will be locked out after February 1, 2020 as do the iPhone iOS
7 and older.

Remaining connected
even when travelling beyond one’s country’s borders is now easier with WhatsApp
but Windows phones running version 8.1 or older will no longer have this

WhatsApp has
warned they only provide limited support to tablet users running Windows Phone
8.1, 10 and above.

This support
does not support Wi-Fi only devices meaning any device that does not have a
phone capability especially the use of a SIM card.

The company
says it supports all Windows Phones running Windows Phone 8.1 or later, and any
Windows Phone able to receive SMS or calls during the verification process.


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