Wololo! Churchill show comedian reveals how wedding planner ruined his big day

Wololo! Churchill show comedian reveals how wedding planner ruined his big day

Josephat Mchasia popularly known as Mchungaji is happily married.

Speaking in an interview with Samantha’s Bridal Mchungaji narrated how he met his wife and said,

I met her in 2009 where we were rehearsing for drama in Dagoretti corner. When I saw her I was afraid to tell her but I gained courage after some time and told her I liked her.

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Mchungaji said when he first made his move, Fridah thought it was a joke because he’s a comedian.

I chose her because she’s humble and very unique. She doesn’t love publicity and supports him,’ he said.

Fridah said her wish was to have to get married to a ‘white and God-fearing man’ but things didn’ happen that way. Talking about her hubby Mchungaji, she said,

HE’S the GREATEST MAN IN The world.

The comedian proposed to his girlfriend (by then) at K24 studios live on air. The couple then planned for their wedding. Speaking about the experience, Mchungaji said,

The morning of the wedding was a bit tough. I was receiving calls left, right and centre from ‘suppliers’ who wanted me to pay their balances.

He added that,

The car which was supposed to pick me up to the wedding venue didn’t show up. I was late told it had a mechanical problem and was in Ruaka and it was already 10:30am.

At 11 am, his best man came through and drove him to the wedding venue. Unlike many, who feel nervous on their big day, Mchungaji said it was just normal like any day.

The person who was to provide tents refused to pitch the tents on Friday afternoon. They demnanded full payment and after paying, they promised to do it the following morning (on the wedding day) but it was a mess,’ Mchungaji’s wife said.


They arrived at 6 am and the watchman refused to open the gate. at around 10:30 its when they were allowed in to pitch the tents. The lady doing the decor also did it late.”

Their wedding started late at around noon.

I wanted to call our pastor to come home we do evertyhing here and then people go back to their homes. I was really pissed off.

The couple wasn’t happy with the management of their wedding venue.

I knew it was the hand of the devil and I started praying with my friends.

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