Wondering where to take your partner on the first date? Here are some awesome ideas

Wondering where to take your partner on the first date? Here are some awesome ideas

Deciding what to do on your first date may put a lot of pressure on you.

Here are some date ideas to ease your date struggle.

Experience the roller coaster 

Here you want to test your partner’s adrenaline. You want to learn how she reacts to thrills and how she/he reacts when in a lot of pressure. Both of you can let loose and be yourselves.

Karaoke night

You can never go wrong with karaoke nights. Being able to apply the singing skills gotten in the shower out to the world is priceless.

Take your partner out on a karaoke night out and watch them have the best night of their life.

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Attend a comedy night

How else to know if your partner has a sense of humour than engaging them in a comedy night out. You could even spice it up by attending a vernacular comedy night!

Watch live music

With the fast up and coming fresh music genres in the country, it is easier for you to enjoy live acoustic jam sessions. Pick a venue with great ambience and views and have a drink as you listen to great music.

Dine at an expensive restaurant

It’s probably the most picked first date ideas. Knowing where to dine gives you class and you could have great conversations over good food.

The best dates happen when food is involved.

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Have a picnic in the park

Picnics make an old school unique feature. Watching the birds while you sit on the grass with food with the right person, is heaven. If both of you agree to go to the old school way, enjoy!

Go for breakfast

When a dinner date feels too formal and coffee seems too short, breakfast is a great first date compromise.

It’s the perfect no pressure start to your day; if it’s not working out, you have an easy excuse to leave but if all goes well you can spend the whole day together.

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