Zimmerman bodaboda operator murdered – Weekly Citizen

Bodaboda crew operating in Zimmerman estate Nairobi are up in arms over escalating cases of abduction of their members by a group of thugs posing as customers. The operators are now calling for quick intervention of police to help in trailing and suppressing the emergence of new insecurity in the industry that last week claimed the life of their colleague who was hijacked and his lifeless body discovered later that night.

According to Samuel Njoroge who is a member at Zimmerman base, the thugs who mostly attack at night escaped with motorbike of the victim after the brutal killing. The terrified operators have decried slow response from security personnel whenever they report such cases. Njoroge added that in most cases they have been forced to act as their own security after realising that the police were less concerned with reports of insecurity reported by the bodaboda operators.

He said that it is against such development that they always respond in solidarity to their colleagues at any scene of accident involving one of their own given the kind of attitude where members of the public and the police are always quick to make unfavourable verdict against them.


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